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I can’t ever wait to get into a new hotel room. On this trip, I walked through the door with my fingers in my panties, almost to climax. My man knows this, and he’s always ready to service me and cover me in cum.
I got all this action in before our luggage even made it up to the room.

That’s about what I’m ready to do! Damn!

A throwback for reblogging today – anyone else traveling this week and looking forward to that first thrust in the hotel room….?

Yep traveling this week and looked forward to that thrust in the hotel room only to remember oh shit I’m by myself. DAMMIT. ….

That made me laugh – sometimes solo play is refreshing too – that’s what toys and tumblr are for 😉

Oh man. Your archives are just too deep for me to hit them all! I’d be raw if I tried to. You know. And my arm would look like Popeyes.

Wait, your arm doesn’t already look like popeye’s, @orwannabestag? How am I going to recognize you in public? That’s the tell tale sign of my fervent followers. 💪🏼🍆💦